Basement Remodel …..Update

Basement office additionThe ongoing basement remodel saga. Yes, it’s still moving forward. For a while this summer, things seemed to come to a standstill.  I mean it was summer!  We went on vacation, spent warm days at the pool, and I spent time in my garden that could have been devoted to the basement!  Now that fall is here my dedication to this project has taken center stage and we’re progressing fairly well.   Here’s the update:

  • The new office is fully framed and drywall is up. New lighting is wired and the duct work has been moved. The ceilings have been scraped and sanded. The new French doors are in the garage ready for paint.

Office space. Still filled with tools and such, but all of the walls and ceilings are ready to be primed! No matter how many times I move the toys, they keep ending up in my workspace . . . .

  • The new hallway is framed. We removed an unessessary entry leading under the stairs. It always looked silly having two doors side-by-side!  The storage under the stairs is still accessible from the other entry.  The door we removed will fit on the closet we’ve added in the office — reusing anything we can to keep costs down!  All of the plastic hanging has been helpful in keeping the drywall dust contained to the basement.  The kids, however, are starting to take a toll on the plastic — note how it’s pulling from the wall, and the tears???

The second door by the stairs has been removed and covered with drywall. New lighting at the base of the stairs provides plenty of light for this hallway that lacks any natural light.

  • The remainder of the basement ceiling has had the popcorn removed and is ready for primer. Old wall sconces are now in the trash and we need to choose replacements. The flood lights will be upgraded with LED meaning they will not need to be replaced for a very long time!
bar and living

Yes this looks like chaos, but there are certain items I can’t move and have to work around, like the treadmill in the middle of the room! The book case will slide outside right before we spray primer.


living area

I removed the old wall sconces and am shopping for new ones!!! Carpet along the wall has been removed so I can sand the baseboards and paint. After we paint the basement, I’ll remove the rest of the carpet.


living windows

All of the trim needs sanded before being primed (in my opinion this works better than just priming).   I can use my Mouse sander for some, but a lot I’m doing by hand.   The downside?  My fingers feel like they may bleed from all of this sanding!

  • finally, all of the little nicks and nail holes have been mudded and sanded.

Look at all of these nicks in the wall? Bet each of the kids have inadvertently added one of these! Now is the time to fix these before painting!


Once everything is primed and painted, we will be ready to put down the new flooring.   Then, we can install our pallet wall that will hopefully look like beautiful shiplap. Finally, we need to add baseboards, trim and doors to the office and closet.

Well what do you think?  Are we making progress?  We definitely are ready for this part of the house to be finished!  I’d love to chat more, but I better get to work!

Basement office addition