A Rockin’ Guitar-Monkey Themed Diaper Cake

Today I want to share the diaper cake I made for my oldest daughter, Regan’s, baby shower.  She is decorating the baby’s room in a monkey and guitar theme and loved the idea of doing something similar for the baby shower.  I’ve made other diaper cakes in the past, and decided to make this one even larger with four tiers instead of three.  Along the way, I’ve picked up a few tips to share in case you are looking for ideas. . . .

title picture

For this diaper cake I used an entire box of newborn diapers AND two medium bags of size two diapers (I don’t know the final tally of diapers, but well over 100).  All of the diapers were rolled tight and secured with a clear, small hair tie.   For the base, or bottom tier, I used the size two diapers and the rest were size one.  In the center of the diaper cake, I have stacked two large bottles.  To secure the large circles, I used thin ribbon instead of a large rubber band (I couldn’t find a rubber band large enough to go around the bottom tiers).  In between the tiers, I used cardboard to help add stability.

stacked diapers

After the cake has been built, it’s time to add the trimmings!  Initially, I planned on using swaddling blankets around each of the tiers but the pastel colors just didn’t give the cake the “POP” it needed.  Hobby Lobby had these sparkly letters and I wanted to add the baby’s name to the base tier, CHEVY.  The blue and green sparkly ribbon layered with the black and white ribbons, gave the cake the perfect color and sparkle.  I secured the ribbons using hot glue trying my best not to glue on the diapers so they could be used for baby.

adding ribbonadding letters

Next, I added the monkey to the top tier and fastened him with pins to the top diapers.  I found shoes for the monkey at Carter’s which I know Regan will love.

letters and monkey

To make the guitar, I sketched a guitar shape on cardboard and cut it out using a utility knife. Some spray glue served as a base for glitter, and then I used puff paint to add some detail. I used some decorative string glued to the guitar as a strap, and ta-da!


monkey and guitar

The final thing I added is a garnish around the tiers to hide the cardboard. I couldn’t find a garland like I had in my mind so I made some using crepe paper, crinkle paper filler and spray glue. This was messy and sticky, but not hard. On my driveway, I rolled out some crepe paper, sprayed sections with glue and pressed the crinkle paper on. Once dry, I measured and cut the sections to go around the tiers. And here is the final masterpiece!!

complete diaper cake

Stay tuned for the baby shower details coming in a future post!!!! I’m so excited for you to see how it turned out.  Have you made a diaper cake?  What details have you added?  Did you make something other than a traditional cake?  Please share!

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