Basement Office Remodel — building a girl’s dream house!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms reading this post.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend and time with your family!!!  There was a ton of activity going on around here — some involved celebrating mom’s day and some involved the wonderful sound of construction coming from the basement.  My brothers spent part of Saturday and most of Sunday building the frame and putting up drywall for our new basement office space.  All of this activity made me think of a story I wanted to share . . . .

My brother’s are older than me (Chris – three and Jim – five years to be exact) and they were totally into video games as kids.  Today, our kids have an Xbox, Wii and Play Station, but back in the day we only had an Atari (oh the good ol’ days).  And back then it seemed like there were arcade machines everywhere — restaurants, the mall and such.  Remember these. . .

asteroids arcade

Every time they saw one of these great machines, my mom would give them money to play.  Mom has always been great about being fair, so she would also give me money even though I didn’t play any video games.  I was a saver! I saved that money.  (Not sure what happened because I’m not so good at that anymore)   I was saving for something big — a Barbie Dream House.  One weekend we made a trip out of town to Wichita, KS (about a three hour drive from our small town) and I bought my Barbie Dream House.

Dream House

I was sooo excited to put that doll house together.  I had a collection of Barbies, an older Barbie house, a beauty shop, a swim pool, a camper . . .  geez it was a city.  And I was so excited to now have the Barbie Dream House.  The next morning after our weekend trip was a school day so I had no time to put my dream house together.  It sat in the box as I headed off to school.  Well, guess who was too sick to go to school?  That’s right, my brothers.  Both of them stayed home on Monday.  All day long, I kept thinking about going home and building my doll house.  After school, I raced home and my sick brothers were there just smiling because they had a surprise!  They put my doll house together while I was at school.  I was sooo stinking mad!  I believe I looked something like this —


Well fast forward thirty-some years . . .  and here are my dear brothers working away on my home.  And all I can say is — build away boys!  Build my dream hone and I won’t complain!  Big brothers are pretty awesome!  Thank you guys!


hallway framing

Framing going up to create a hallway

duct work and wiring

New duct work and wiring


Jim adding drywall.

door framing

Framing for the new French doors.

It’s coming along really well and I’ll have more updates soon.  It was nice to have so much time with my brothers and to have time with my mom on Mother’s day.  What fun things did you do this Mother’s day weekend?

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