Basement Update: Progress on the Office

What did we start???  That’s how I feel sometimes.  And although at the moment it feels like we’ll never finish, there has been progress:

basement update

Sometimes you have to look back at where you started to see the progress, right?  So just a few weeks ago we ripped the carpet up out of the basement and taped off the floor to show where we thought the walls would go.

office beginning

Decisions had to be made regarding the duct work and electrical.  The new wall would run right through the existing duct and it needed to be moved.  The placement of switches and lights had to be decided also.


Dad and brother, Jim, looking at the changes needing to occur

In just a few short weeks we have made a lot of progress.  The duct work has been moved, framing complete, electrical finished, and drywall hung.  Well, most of the drywall is up with the exception of the closet.  We ran out and it’s been monsoon season here in Kansas (just kidding, but it has been raining almost every day) and trying to get drywall home — dry — has not been possible.

basement closet

basement office closet is the last area needing sheetrock

So in the meantime, I scraped popcorn from the ceiling.

scraping ceiling

And Joe came back through and sanded the ceiling.  No this picture is not out of focus, that is dust in the air . . . cough, cough!

Joe sanding

And because we were in a dust-creating mood, I sanded the drywall compound and added to our dust piles.

creating dust

I really like the smooth ceiling in the office even though it’s not done and is killing our arms.  An issue came up with how we will tape and mud on the outside of the office where the drywall meets the ceiling.  At this point we still have popcorn ceilings outside of the office.  Well after some debate, we’ve decided to scrape all of the ceilings in the basement . . . I think maybe we’ve inhaled too much dust!  But this way we can tape and mud these seams properly.

basement hallway

Hallway where we’ve decided to start scraping more ceilings

I’m very excited to have an office with beautiful French doors. This will give us extra space to house guests when they come and offer them privacy. It will help when Joe has conference calls and needs to go somewhere to close the door. We just have to keep focusing on the positive outcomes through this process because I have a feeling more dust will accumulate on our office dreams before they become reality!

basement office

What project have you completed that tested your sanity?  Any tips on getting through the dust?

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