Born to Rock!!! Baby shower for Regan and Brock

Regan and Brock are excited for baby Chevy to get here, so we wanted to give them a shower to show our love and support for this young family.  The baby room is being decorated in monkeys and guitars which influenced our theme for a perfect baby shower!

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Helping me plan and put all of this together was Brock’s mom, Stacey, and she is great!  We were able to meet and coordinate all of the decorations.  Regan wanted to host the shower at their house for convenience so we transformed their garage into a party palace.  To do this we covered the walls in white and brought in tables to decorate.  We even hung records with baby’s name, Chevy, from the ceiling and hung guitars around as well.

On our to do list was lots of snacks and treats. . . . check!  The first table, VIP treats, had a chocolate fountain with all of the good items for dipping — strawberries, marshmallows, vanilla wafers, graham crackers and pretzels.  We also had these delicious pinwheels with pickle and ham, a smoked cheese and cracker platter, plus veggies and dip.  It all was delicious.

VIP treatsThe next table was our sweets table.  Besides gumballs and jelly beans, we kept with the Born to Rock theme using ‘Pop Star Popcorn’, ‘Pop Rocks’ and ‘Rock Candy’.  Regan helped me make the large fabric garland backdrop for behind the table.  It turned out gorgeous, but very heavy, which made hanging it challenging!!!

candy tableThe punch at the Hydration Station was a delicious sherbet and sprite combination, and we also offered bottled water.  The weather was warm and both hit the spot.

hydration station_6The gift table was made complete with a diaper cake fitting the theme.  You can read the instructions on how this one was made here.

complete diaper cake_2And no baby shower is complete without some games.  We had several including “The Price is Right”, Don’t say Baby and a “Pop” quiz.  Winners received really nice gifts and the competition got pretty crazy!!  Guests that brought either a box of diapers or wipes were entered into a drawing for a special prize also.

game tableBesides the candy guests were encouraged to take home, they also received cookies decorated with baby’s name:  Chevy.

cookiesBig brother, Brayden, got in on the fun and received some gifts of his own.  The day was a success and Regan and Brock received many gifts and blessings for baby Chevy.  We are very grateful to everyone who came and supported this young couple.  gifts and guestsSpecial thanks go to:  Cheri’s bakery and Printastic Design.

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