FALLing In Love With White

falling in love with whiteHolidays have their signature colors.  While in recent years the trend is changing, traditionally Christmas displays red and green, Valentines Day is filled with red and pink, and fall is full of orange.  But this year, I’m absolutely in love with white decorations for fall with silver accents — pumpkins, vintage pieces, burlap and bunting.  Unfortunately, I’m not doing any decorating this year —  except maybe a wreath on the door.  Yes that’s right, no decorating.  Because of our ongoing basement remodel, which you can read about here, we have moved the majority of our basement furniture upstairs into the dining room!!!  The old couches went to my brother’s burn pile in the country because they were disgusting.  And a few odds and ends pieces are in our basement walk-out area.  Talk about feeling displaced!  The entire house feels upside down!!!

If you’re like me, it’s hard to feel inspired when the house is a mess, so decorating for fall is not a priority this year.  What’s a girl to do?  Well I’ve gotten my fall decorating fix by going to Pinterest and creating a Fall Time inspiration board.  Ok so it’s not pretty decorations in my house, but it gives me an opportunity to envision how I want my home to look and feel.  This way next year when my house is put back together, I’ll have a ton of ideas to get started with.  If you want to check out my Pinterest Fall Time board you can here.

In the mean time, I wanted to share some of my favorite inspiring Fall Decor:

Thanksgiving Mantel

Thanksgiving mantel from Fox Hollow Cottage

This beautiful mantel is from Fox Hollow Cottage and displays a gorgeous burlap and white garland along with silver pumpkins and chippy white candle sticks.  I also love the wire cloche filled with pine cones.

Craftberry Bush

Fall elements from Craftberry Bush

This is another example of a fall mantel, but at Craftberry Bush, she shows off the small details that have a big impact.  The use of glass cloches filled with rolled scripted paper (so adorable!) and mini white pumpkins draws the eye in closer to appreciate their beauty.  She created the unique feather paper wreath which is truly one-of-a-kind.

Better Homes and Gardens

A handmade craft from BHG.com

Ok wouldn’t this be fun to make?  You can find the directions at BHG.com, and make your own to display on your dining table or in the living room.  It’s so pretty!

Stone Gable

Fall terrarium at Stonegable

I just love everything Yvonne does at Stonegable.  She has decked out this little greenhouse with pumpkins of various sizes, pretty candle holders with tiny pumpkins, and even a little hay bale!

Sand and Sisal

White pumpkin centerpiece from Sand and Sisal

Deer antlers are popping up everywhere!  In this centerpiece from Sand and Sisal, the antlers look almost silver. . . I see a use for my silver spray paint!  I love the addition of hydrangea as fluff!!!  Perfect!


This last picture comes from digsdigs.com and shows a romantic display of vintage silver platters and pumpkins in various textures and finishes.  Silver candle holders and glass hurricanes add dimension, and the dried moss fluff completes the look.  How inspiring!

Well that’s a few of my favorites!  I hope you feel as inspired as I do and pulling out your fall decorations as we speak!  What colors are you embracing this fall in your décor?  Do you have a favorite place in your home that you love to go all-out for fall?


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