Giving a Gun Rack a Modern Edge

gun rack renovation

We are in the process of renovating the basement back bedroom for my son, Noah, and getting very close to being finished.  For his room we are decorating in an industrial, vintage, hunter – theme.   You’ve heard of that, right?  It’s kind of an old meets new with touches of boy!  Our boys are into guns — all kinds of guns:  Nerf guns, water guns, bb guns, paint ball guns and big boy guns like the ones grandpa and uncles have (we don’t have any of these).

A few months ago I was shopping at our local antique mall and found the perfect item to add to his room – a gun rack.  The price was perfect at $15, and it was in really good shape.  Because it was a honey-colored oak and giving off a country vibe, I decided to dress it up.

unfinished gun rack

After giving it a good sanding, I added two coats of Dutch Boy semi gloss latex paint in Black Magic.  Instead of using polyacrylic to seal the paint, I opted for a wax coating.  Using wax instead of polyacrylic on latex works just fine, plus it’s super easy to work with.  If this piece would receive a lot of wear and tear, then polyacrylic might be a better option.  For hanging on a wall — wax is perfect!

To add a unique touch to this piece, I found some decorative sheet metal at Hobby Lobby.  It took two sheets to cover the opening at the back which created a seam.  Fortunately it won’t show once a gun is on the rack (see pictures with the gun).   Initially I tried using my staple gun with brads to adhere the sheet metal.  The staple gun wasn’t strong enough to puncture the metal, so I started looking for another option.  I’m the kind-of girl who will reach for a hot glue gun for about anything, so that was my next thought.  Hot glue actually worked well to adhere the metal in place, however, it started to pull apart after a bit of time.  To fix this, I took small nails and hammered the sheet metal in place — solid!

finished gun rack

This piece is very heavy for hanging on a wall and it only has three holes at the top for screws.  Because of the weight (and the fact it wouldn’t line up with studs) I used heavy duty drywall anchors.  The drywall anchors I use require huge holes to be drilled and this always makes me cringe after I’ve worked so hard to prep walls and paint!!!  Luckily I measured accurately the first time and everything lined up!

finished rack with gun

I love how this turned out and that it gives Noah a place to show off his bb guns.  It is a great addition to the décor in this room — which I will be showcasing very soon!  What great items have you found at the antique market?  The antique mall closest to our house has Flea Market Saturday this week and I’m excited to go.  Where is your favorite flea market or antique mall?

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