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Gonzales family 2014

Gonzales family

What a great group this is, right?  I feel that way!  My husband, Joe, and I have been married for eleven years now — feels like yesterday!  Regan (with the blonde hair) is my oldest daughter, and Jenna (with the brown hair) is next in line.  Currently both girls are attending college and studying fields in healthcare.  After Joe and I married, we added Noah (in black), Jonah (gray & black) and Jacob (red) to the group!!!  Noah is in fourth grade and Jonah is in third.  Jacob stays home with me!  I’m one lucky lady!

So you may be wondering why I started this adventure in the blogosphere — well me too sometimes!  It all began as I was staring at the ugly oak trim in my builder-basic ranch.  I’ve hated it from day one, but it took me ten years to admit that.  So in a moment of disgust and passion, I grabbed some sandpaper and started sanding.  I wasn’t sure where I was going with this, but I knew one thing . . . this house has miles of oak trim and the door I just opened was going to take a LONG time to close.  But I had a vision of pretty, white trim with wood floors and character.  That vision is starting to come to fruition, and I am excited to share this journey with you!

Along the way, I also want to share some of my other passions and DIY projects.  I love to style parties, and make attempts to grow plants in my yard even though my thumb is only slightly green.  Please sign up to receive my posts and I hope you will provide some feedback and suggestions as we go!  Check out my Pinterest site and connect with me on the social links found on the side panel too.