So Here We Go . . . .

Have you ever had that dream?  You know the one where you are back in high school at a basketball game, or at the mall, or some other public place talking to friends.  All of a sudden you realize, you have no pants on!  And you seem to be the only one that notices!!!  Oh goodness, I hope anyone can relate to that dream and I’m not the only one that’s ever had it — that would be embarrassing.  Anyways, that is how I feel right now.  Completely exposed while starting this blog.

I tried to decide how I should begin this adventure.  Do I write my first post using one from my list that I’ve compiled, acting like I’ve been doing this a hundred years?  Or, do I be forthright and honest and share that I’m completely scared and not quite sure what I’m doing?  For me, the later option felt like the right way to proceed.  Heck, I’ve got forever to write about the projects I’m doing and I want to take one opportunity to share that I’m new at this and learning as I go.

Today I’d like to share some of my goals with you:

  1. I will continue building my blog website to be easier to read, search topics, and allow a means for us to communicate (I’m NOT tech savvy).
  2. I vow to provide a new post every week initially with the hope that in time I can increase that to three times per week as I gain more knowledge about the blog world, i.e. WordPress!
  3. Finally, my goal is to come up with some truly unique and creative ideas that I can share to inspire you and keep you coming back to read more!!!!  This site will be devoted to DIY projects in the home and the yard and to party ideas / entertaining.

So that’s it!  My first post!   If you have topics that you’re interested in, please leave a comment!


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