Lego Man Rescue Mission

Lego man rescue mission

In the past we’ve done a lot of birthday parties at the most popular places for kids:  skating, trampoline parks, bowling, paintball, etc.  But this year Jonah wanted to have it at our house and he wanted a lego theme.  My challenge was to come up with activities that nine year olds will have fun doing and keep them busy!  Today I want to share the activity that was a huge success:   Lego Man Rescue Mission!  Ok so the kids really loved the jump house we rented from Big Sky Party Rental, but they totally had a blast with the rescue mission too!

In my search for kid games I found a Lego Man Rescue Mission from Brainstorm in Bloom that blended a scavenger hunt with lego activities, and instantly knew the kids would enjoy this.  I made some changes to how she originally structured the mission to  accommodate our party.  First, I had two teams instead of one big group, and secondly, I used only five of the six clues.  Since the teams were performing different tasks simultaneously, I had to create two sets of the same clues (just changed up the order).  This way the teams weren’t at the same station at the same time, but it still allowed them to end up at the same final destination — the captured lego man!

To get two teams I had birthday boy, Jonah, be one team captain and choose a friend to be captain of the second team.  Next, they picked teammates old-school style!  This worked well, and I would highly recommend having adults be in charge at each of your stations to keep the kids on track!

So if you are looking for a birthday party activity, check this one out and feel free to adapt in anyway to meet your needs.   I can see this as a Frozen theme, or minion theme, or just about anything!  The clues and tasks I used are listed below.  Most importantly, remember to take the time to read the rules out loud to the teams (make sure they listen and understand too) and share the story of what happened to the lego man!

Lego Man Rescue Mission

Your Lego Man has been captured and is held captive somewhere

You must solve clues and perform tasks, so get going if you dare!


Clue 1:  They were first seen where you might sit for a relax.  So hurry and try to follow their tracks!  (This clue took them to the lounging area on the top deck)

Task 1:  Lego tower.  They must work as a team to build an 18 inch tower that will not fall over.

building a lego tower

Clue 2:  Their captor got hungry and took them where veggies do grow.  Make haste and find them you must not move slow.  (This clue took them to the garden beds)

Task 2:  Lego toss.  Using large, toddler legos, the kids had to get all of the legos into a cornhole board.  Check out the awesome jump house in the background!

lego toss

Clue 3:  I have been told that they took a little rest in a spot where a birdie may make her nest.  (This clue took them to the back of the yard under the trees)

Task 3:  Move the legos.  Using a spoon, the kids had to move an entire bowl of legos to an empty bowl about five feet away.  They went one at a time and if they spilled their spoonful, they had to take the legos back to the first bowl.

move the legos

Clue 4:  On their journey they got messy and covered in dirt.  Find the spot where they were cleaned right up with a squirt.  (This clue took them to the side of the house where the hose is located)

Task 4:  Pin the head on the lego man.  This classic was really fun for the kids!  If you want the template to draw your own lego man and lego head, see the notes at the end of this post.

pin the head on the lego man

The two groups received the same final clue which directed them to where the lego man was being held hostage!  He was taped to our garage door!

Clue 5:   You’re getting close to saving him I really can sense it.  Go next to the spot where this car has an exit.

lego man

From there we had the final event — attacking the Emmet piñata! It was stuffed so full of candy and toys, I wasn’t sure it would hang!!! Luckily, it was wonderfully built! You should take a look at My Little Sofy on Etsy where I found this awesome piñata.

Be sure to watch for my upcoming post that will cover all of the goodies that the kids received and all of the yummy food we had!  If you are interested in the clues and tasks, see the attachments below.  Also, I’ve added the template for making your own pin-the-head-on-the-lego-man and have to give a shout-out to East Coast Mommy Blog for putting these together!  You can print these off on paper and trace over the paper onto a poster board.  EASY-PEASY!  If you have any questions please leave me a comment.  And be sure to check out the Etsy shop, My Little Sofy, for custom pinatas!

Lego man template:

pin the head on the lego man_legspin the head on the lego man_headpin the head on the lego man_bodypin the head on the lego man_arms






Clues and tasks:

Lego Man Rescue Mission tasks

Lego Man Rescue Mission clues