Beans Please??


Beans please A pole bean teepeeDo you love Pinterest??? It took me a while to jump on the band-wagon, but once I did …. truly addicted!!  Every once in a while a certain pin keeps popping up and I think, “I have to try this!”  So today I want to share my attempt at making a pole bean teepee.

The pole bean is a variety of the green bean that will scale fences or posts.  Because they are grown vertically, they’re perfect for gardens with limited space.  Using them to create a teepee provides a great spot for the kiddos to hide — and pick the beans!!!  Plus, the more often you pick the beans the longer the plant will continue to produce, which is a great way to get kids involved in gardening.  The initial pin I found on this project came from Kiddie Gardens, and can be found here.

I showed my boys the pictures and they definitely were on board for giving this a try. So here’s what we did:

  • We bought ten, six foot bamboo poles at Lowes, and found a sunny, flat area in our yard to work with.  The poles instantly became Star Wars light savers and then jousts — fortunately no one was injured permanently.
  • After spacing the poles to provide a teepee shape, I dug a channel for the plants.

bean channel

  • I placed the poles on the outside of this channel and used a mallot to pound them in sturdy.
  • At this point all the poles were straight in the air and my “teepee” resembled an odd, skinny Stonehenge – hee hee.  To fix this, I pulled the tops gently inward and secured with garden tape and garden twine. This did not look like it would hold up at all, however, weeks later (and a few Kansas storms later) it’s still standing!  I’ve also removed the labels at the top of the poles, at least as much as I could after the fact — lol!!!  Goodness I get in a hurry when I’m excited to start a project!
poles in the ground

Jacob supervising the project with an ice to stay cool!

  • In my channel, I placed a row of weed barrier cloth then filled it with rich, garden soil. The weed cloth will hopefully keep the grass back from my baby pole bean plants.

soil in the channel

  • The next step involved planting my seeds and spacing them appropriately around the poles. Sounds easy enough, right? Except my seed packet had a hole in the bottom and all my seeds fell out right in the “entrance” of the teepee. I thought I got all of the extra seeds picked up but sure enough I have plants growing there now.  Hmmm, do I leave them for an entrance cover, or pull them out?

plants growing in

So, that’s it — now we just wait.  As these babies get larger, I’ll need to add garden twine and train them to vine up the poles.  Hopefully by mid to late summer we will have a complete teepee!  Keep posted for an update!

What projects have you found on Pinterest that you absolutely had to try (or plan to try)?  How did it turn out?