The Jacob Express

title pictureJacob turned two with a theme celebrating his love for choo-choo trains!  Weeks before the party, we met with our photographer Pete Iseman to have pictures taken to capture a vintage train look.  Wallet-size photos were sent to guests with their train ticket invitations, and each of the grandparents received a larger photo as well following the party.

Gift bags for the kids contained items to celebrate the day.  Each one had a red bandana,  an authentic wood train whistle, a conductors cap, bubbles, gum and of course candy!

fireplace decor                       gift bags

baggage claim

The table was decorated with goodies and sweets to eat and take home!

table scape   birthday cake

popcorn   train pops 2










The hydration station was equipped with tea, water, apple juice and soda. . .

water bottles    apple juice

hydration station





Another station for food was set up including sandwiches, chips, potato salad and Watergate salad!

feuling station    station house sandwiches

napkin wraps  porters choice potato salad


The party décor went onto the deck outside with a banner I created.

deck banner







Jacob and the kids played on his birthday present — a backyard playground set!  Even our golden retriever, Lassie, got in on the celebration.

playground birthday present







The party was a blast and we were blessed to have so many friends and family come celebrate!  I was surprised how much all of the kids loved their gift bag items and immediately started expressing their style with the bandanas!

blowing candles   opening presents

party crew

Joe and I are so blessed to have five wonderful kids!  Jacob is our youngest and last baby . . . we never really planned on having any more kids after Jonah.  God gives wonderful gifts at times we never anticipate them, and Jacob has been that gift to our family!  Happy birthday my little love!


Special thanks go to:  Pete Iseman, Nellie Design, Candied Cakes, Cameo Cakes, Cheri’s Bakery.

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